Crime House – aka Dark Rooms – Family Affair

Crime House – aka Dark Rooms – Family Affair


Description: Kit and Mary is a family couple. They are poor and don’t know what to do in the economic crisis. Mary says that her cousin is contract killer and he earns good money. Her husband who was at the war is very interested in this job. Mary’s cousin gives them the access to the secret contract killers’ Uber base where they can find victims and take offers. They have no guns and other weapons that’s why they choose to kill young rich girl, the ex-wife of senator and strangle her. They play at tour managers, call her and offer VIP tour, She invites them to her place. They come, Kit strangles her and Mary is watching at her death with great pleasure.

After she’s dead the husband goes to another rooms searching for money and jewels. The wife starts to play with dead body, enjoying fresh young corpse of rich girl. She takes of her clothes and put the lingerie of dead girl. She slaps her ass and does some other sexy Necro manipulations.

The husband returns to the room with dead body and sees how his nasty wife is playing with the corpse. He gets angry – she touched body with her fingers without gloves. He doesn’t want to share the money with her and starts to strangle her very brutal. She is in shock – she just seen how terrible the death is and she doesn’t want to join lifeless cold body she just played with! It her last seconds of life she grabs panties of dead girl and dies with her hands on the dead girls’ ass.

Kit stripes bodies for full nude, puts clothes to big bag with money, jewels and some other robbed things and goes away.

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Psycho-Thrillers – Mommy Dearest

Psycho-Thrillers – Mommy Dearest

Description: This movie starts with Rachel (played by India Summer) having consensual sex with a young man who happens to be the son of a long time friend and rival named Tammy. They have sex in his bedroom and always cut it close to the point where she either escapes minutes before being detected by Tammy or being caught leaving. Each time tammy argues with her son over seeing an older woman but he defends their relationship, citing his love for Rachel. Unable to persuade her son, Tammy pays a house visit to Rachel but her threats fall on death ears as Rachel believes she is justified in seeing Tammy’s son and having consensual sex with him. To prove her point, she has sex with Tammy’s son again, this time deliberately remaining late so Tammy could see her leave her home. Rachel shows off a devilish smile as she leaves and Tammy enters her home. This time Tammy decides not to let her anger get the best of her. She will keep it deep inside, hold onto it until she is ready to unleash it. Rachel is cleaning her home when she is suddenly surprised to see Tammy standing directly behind her in her home. Rachel is startled and asked how Tammy got inside her home. Seconds later, Rachel is knocked unconscious. Tammy goes down to Rachel, sits her up and wraps a nylon stocking of hers tightly around Rachel’s throat. Rachel had always been a better athlete than Tammy, always faster, running like a deer but Tammy was always the stronger girl and Rachel’s long legs couldn’t get her out of this one. Tammy could hear Rachel crying, almost pleading for the suffering she was enduring. Now Rachel understood but it was too late. It was a lesson Rachel will carry to her grave. Tammy held on for dear life until Rachel was quiet and still then laid her back. She held Rachel give it up then heard her urine fill her denim shorts. Curious, Tammy always wanted to know what Rachel had that she didn’t and she became curious, groping Rachel’s firm tits, her wet pussy and eventually sucking on it. Even in death Rachel was perfect, her body hard and clean tasting. Tammy secretly orgasmed with Rachel, an acknowledgement to Rachel’s true beauty, and her orgasmic surrender to that inconvenient truth. Tammy went home and relaxed in her son’s bed reading a magazine when her son returned very distressed after hearing Rachel may have had an accident or been hurt. Tammy was calm, confessing her role in Rachel’s demise, feeling confident that her son may be upset but his love for his mother would allow him to get over it in time. He cried in her arms and she melted into his and moments later his cock was deep in her mouth then she was mounting and fucking it and him. Hidden feelings of wanting him all to herself surfaced and she could finally let go. She was free as he wrapped his belt around her throat. At first she accepted it but then tried to escape when she felt this was his moment to end her life. She tried to fight him off but his cock driving violently through her sensitive pussy urged her to experience both. Her orgasm flowed as she died at his hands, her body surrendering to his violent fucking assault. He pulled out and sprayed perhaps the biggest geyser of semen he ever released then forced her sit lay on top of him. He snapped her neck three times to make sure she was dead. He knew his mom was strong and as determined as him so he had to be certain of her death before he could close his eyes. Now he felt justice had been served.

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A group of prison hanging captives

File: A group of prison hanging captives.wmv
Size: 1108505911 bytes (1.03 GiB), duration: 00:24:13, avg.bitrate: 6103 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; A group of women have been kidnaped. They they try to flee, but their escape is cut short when their captores catch them. The group is re-caged. One by one they are removed from the cage, striped & hanged until they stop twitching – dead. Piss runs down from some, dribbling off their bare feet and spattering on the cold concrete below. So far, four girls, hang dead and there are still more girls in the cage-waiting-scared.

4 girls have been hung. 3 left. When the last girl is up, she puts up a fight knowing that this is it. Once she has hung to death, she pees, just like the girl before her. The girls are cut down & let flop to the ground. Then they are piled up in a giant 7 girl body pile. Piling the girls up gets Alex a bit worked up. So he grabs 1 & sticks his cock in her dead mouth & pussy.

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A Night Out

File: A Night Out.wmv
Size: 2710073631 bytes (2.52 GiB), duration: 00:41:45, avg.bitrate: 8655 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; Two women, Miley and Victoria, have been found dead in their apartment. A gunshot wound to the chest and signs of postmortem sex. The CSI team examines the scene, taking pictures and samples before sending them off to the morgue.
In the morgue, tech Miles is waiting for his partner to show up, he calls her and she says that she is sick and canӴ come in and that he should put the bodies away and take the day off. Miles decides that he would like to have a little fun before he puts them away.
He runs his hand along Mileyӳ sexy body then lifts her up and puts her on the counter and takes his clothes off then slides his cock into her tight dead pussy and fucks her until he cums. Then he sets her back up on the morgue table and leaves for the day.
The next day, Breezy and Miles get right to work examining the two stiffs. They relieve rigor, then strip the bodies of their nylon stockings. They take more samples, mouth swabs and pussy swabs, take fingerprints and measure the body. They take temperature and examine and massage the breasts and flip the bodies over to examine the back sides. they then send them off for their autopsy.
The morgue techs prepare the bodies for embalming, putting cotton balls into the mouth, pussy and ass and then begin filling them with formaldehyde. Once the bodies are all ready, they pack them up, ready for their funeral.

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File: Guilty.wmv
Size: 1172190893 bytes (1.09 GiB), duration: 00:20:34, avg.bitrate: 7599 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; A woman is condemned to die.
We see her at her sentencing.
We see her last moments in her prison cell.
We watched her get sprayed down with cold water in a dank washroom.
We watch the execution prep his station and acknowledge the witnesses.
We watch the condemned as she is led into the chamber, disrobed and strapped into the chair.
We watch the electrode inserted into her flesh that will deliver the deadly juice this will kill her.
We watch the countdown. 3…2…1.
We watch her fry.
After she is dead, the executioner checks her pulse, but is shocked to find her still alive. Quickly, he pulls the switch and fries her some more. This time, when he turns it off, she is frothing at the mouth.
As executioner and guard unstrap her, she urinates all over the chair and floor in a dramatic surge of yellow liquid.
They finish.
In the morgue, her pulse is checked on more time. She is pale white, staring blankly, no pulse. She is very dead.
The guard comes in and photographs the body.
Later, the medical examiner comes in. He goes over the body, touching her with bare hands, perhaps to get his kicks momentarily before wrapping her in plastic.
Later, her body was to be incinerated.

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Take Out Meal

File: Take Out Meal.wmv
Size: 1037761053 bytes (989.69 MiB), duration: 00:35:57, avg.bitrate: 3849 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 640×480, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; Early in the morning a man and the young slut he picked up at the rave enter. It is his home. She is frisky, the e still effecting her.
He sits on the couch and she is on him right away, grinding his crotch like a stripper. She teases him for a while, her body reaking of potential hotness. He lifts of her shirt, breast perfect as he expecting. Once she stripped completely, he know she would be perfect for the gathering that night.
For now, he let her entertain him. She got to her knees, gave him head. It was nice. She rubbed herself while she did. Then, she was up on top of him, slamming down, fucking him like a half drunk, half drugged teenagers. Oh, she was–he remembered.
When it was over, he tossed her like garbage to the side and left the room. He often forgot his manners when the time drew near. They simply were no people to him.
She layed back on the couch, not really worrying. She still was tingly all over, the e still doing it’s thing.
When he returned, he had a fussy blanket. He apologozied for just leaving. He wanted to make it up to her, give her a massage. She sat on the blanket on the floor and he on the couch behind her. While he did her shoulders, he faigned a leg crap–a distraction for him to get his garrote in place. He has done this so many time now it was almost boring. But, when he got the garrote around his kill–it was extasy again.
She struggled hard, twisting her little body this way and that. She was strong and he finally had to fall to the floor with her and struggle to ger her into a good hold. Once he did, however, she had no chance. The garrote dig deeply into her neck, her eyes grew so wide and her tongue lashed out for air.
She kicked and bucked for a long while.
Finally, she slowed. When she was dead, she just stared straight ahead, not looking at anything in particular.
He took the garrote off, the laid her down. He started checking out his kill. He looked over her fine body, feeling the cuts of meat he would have later. He paid special attention to her fine-looking pussy. He also rolled her over and looked at her ass. He moved her legs around in varioius ways to get a good look at her. He messed with her a bit, putting her up on the couch for a time, then lifting her her.
He took her over to an old wooden rocking chair, where he posed her. Then he left to prep some things.
When he returned he took her over to a table and laid her out. Again, he posed her in various ways, examining her body, paying attention to her pussy as well. He put an apple in her mouth to see how she would loof for tonight. She looked good, but would be much, much darker by serving time.
Now he had her suspended upside down. He was getting erady to slice her open to drain her, but was looking her over some more. He checked her up and down, feeling her tone and leg muscles. She must have been a cheerleader. He liked this one. She was the best so far. He left the room to prep his tools.

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Single Mom

File: Single Mom.wmv
Size: 1570470149 bytes (1.46 GiB), duration: 00:23:27, avg.bitrate: 8929 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 1280×720, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; A young mother, who just finished dropping her son off at daycare, is walking home. As she travels the sidewalk in this not-so-nice part of the city, she thinks she is being followed. She confirms her fears by ducking into a parking garage and watching as a man approaches, then walks off. She runs the rest of the way home.
She is talking to her mom, frantic, scared, then her worst fears are realized. The man is behind her–in her apartment. He covers her mouth, takes the phone away and they struggle. She tries desperately to escape. He slams her head against the kitchen sink and she is out.
He lays her on the table. He has been stalking her for almost a year now. He lived in the apartments across the street. He used to sit in the dark, watching her undress nightly. She always forgot to close her blinds. Stupid mistake when living across from a sex offender.
Now, she lay before him, his prize and he would cherish this time with her. He slowly moved his hands over her, feeling her body, admiring the fair smoothness of her skin. Then, he slowly removed her clothing. Everything came off until she was naked before him. He touched her, he felt her breasts and sucked on her erect nipples.
“Oh, are you excited” he thought.
Now, he was ready. He would her. He pushed her legs apart, anticipating the tightness of this young woman. He started to slide in her. Suddenly, she woke. It caught him off guard. She pushed him back and he fell. She lunged for the door. LOCKED!!!. She bolted up to her room, but he was on her tail–tackling her as she dove up onto her bed. They wrestled until he could get his garrote out.
He got it around her neck, yanked it tight and pulled her back. She was laying on top of him, bucking and fighting. He twisted her to one side, then to the other–anything to weaken her. She was strong, fought hard. He was impressed, but desperate for her to die so he could finish the job before anyone she may have called came checking on her.
After a while, she started to weaken. Progress, finally. He pulled tighter, not wanting to cut into her, he did not want *****. Not this time.
She was shaking all over, her body tense, her face very red. She was not going to last much longer.
He kept at it until there was stillness. Then, he pulled some more to make sure. He took the garrote off, set her up. A red mark on her neck. He grabbed her around her head, a trick he learned in prison–a quick twist, and he broke her neck. It is always good to be sure, and this was almost full proof. She was certainly dead and now he would not be interrupted.
He laid her down, then proceeded to do what he had come for. It may be a little out of the order he wanted, but as it turns out, this might even be better. He rolled her over on her stomach, looked at her inviting ass and smooth glowing skin. She was certainly beautiful. He pulled her to him and fucked her from behind–feeling her warth. After a moment, he flipped her over, then let her head lull off the bed and she fucked her until he came inside this young mommy.
He did not think about what he had done. He did not think of her orphaned son, or her mother losing her only daughter this day. He only though of himself, and the experience he had with her. She facilitated his fantasy and paid with her young life. He posed her on the bed and thanked her. Then, he left.

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Student Blackmail vol.3

File: Student Blackmail vol.3.wmv
Size: 1249489647 bytes (1.16 GiB), duration: 00:37:36, avg.bitrate: 4431 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 480 kb/s
Video: wmv2, yuv420p, 640×480, 29.97 fps(r)

Story; A student and teacher are engaged in a steamy affair. She goes to a little apartment he has rented where the activities occur. They make out and just when he is about to get serious, she stops him. It seems that she wants a few more things before the sex commences, like some money, a nice apartment, etc. He does not do so well with blackmail, so he punches her out and drags her off into the bedroom.
He ties her up spread eagle. As he starts to fondle her she wakes up and start to yell so he stuffs her panties in her mouth. He torments her with words and touching, then pulls out a long cable tie. She panics as he gets it around her neck, then cinches it up tight. She is slowly being choked. She bucks and struggles. Her face gleaming with sweat, red with the intensity of the struggle. She cannot breathe. All she can do is struggle and buck. He watches as her body glistens with sweat and her large tits bounce and gyrate. He has taken the panties out of her mouth but she can barely make any sounds.
She is weaker now, spasming and jerking, her face sad and desperate. Then she was dead — still, mouth open, tongue out and eyes wide.
He cleans her up and unties her. He decided it was too late to go home so he settled in next to her and went to sleep.
The next morning he woke up, staring at her beautiful face. She was slightly deader… her lips darker, the wound on her neck had gone from red agitation to a distinct dark bruise. He was horny and had to have her one more time. When he finished, he collapsed. Suddenly, he realized he had another female student to meet. Perhaps this next girl would live longer.

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Grandmas House – Man undress and strangled with a rope Woman

File: Grandmas House – Man undress and strangled with a rope Woman.wmv
Size: 389374619 bytes (371.34 MiB), duration: 00:32:48, avg.bitrate: 1583 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: wmv1, yuv420p, 640×480, 30.00 fps(r)

story; Emma arrived at her Grandma’s house like she did every other day for the past several years. At just 18, Emma was a good girl, and smart, already having a scholarship to a the states prestigious university where she was going to be entering their medical program. Today, however, streets smarts would have been the best type of smarts to have, for when she knocked, the big bad wolf answered. An unknown male stranger opened the door and smiled at her—she trusted his story completely. Her grandma needed help and had a caregiver that attended to her needs 6 hours a day. Typically, it was a woman. Today it was a man, or so he told her. He was subbing for a few days…she believed him completely, which is why she did not anticipate what happened next…. He knocked the little bitch to the floor…oh my god, he could not believe his luck. After luring the 30 something caregiver lady to the shed and slicing her head open with a skill saw, he went back in and the grandma…too easy. He was just about to search for valuables when this girls knocked at the door. Oh my god, she was incredibly hot…and young. He really had no plan, no course of action–he’d usually watched a house for a few days, see the pattern–swooped in and out, sometimes leaving a body or two and move on. This was defiantly a bonus. With 4 hours left on the caregivers shift, he could take his time. He admired the young girl for a while, still in high school no doubt, looked brainy—probably the glasses. He leaned down, sniffing her slowly—oh, she smelled pretty. He moved up to her neck, sniffing her teenage scented body spray—bubblegum or sweet tangerine something or other. She had some glitter on too. Yum. He rolled her on her back and spent a long time feeling her body, first through the clothes, then slowly removing the them. At one point, he has to set her up to remove her shirt. Her skin was tan and soft to touch. He ran his tongue over her, finding her perky nipples and gently licking them. He wanted to take his time, savor it all. He removed her pants, the underwear. He looked at her pussy, then went down and had a taste. Finally, he rolls her over, unzips his pants and starts to have sex with the unconscious girl. Later, he picks her up and cradle carries her over to the chair–placing her nude body in it. He goes behind her and pulls out one of his favorite ligatures–wrapping it once around her neck. He gently wakes her up. She is petrified and cannot move or make barely a sound. She looks up at him in fear. He tells her what he did, just to help build up the terror–he liked terror. When he was ready, the ligature became tight and she became very, very mobile. She tried hard to fight, trying to dig her fingers on the cord, while attempting to get some leverage with her feet and legs. He stood strong, though, and held her tight with the cord–digging into her soft neck flesh. Her mouth wide open–tongue lashing for air, she kept struggling. Her eye, wide with terror, he could tell she wanted to live so, so much. He wanted her dead and did not let go. She fought hard, but was losing her energy…slower, slower she became. The look of terror became more of a plea and by the end it was of acceptance. She would die soon and there was nothing she could do. Though her mind had accepted her fate, her body fought on as best it could. Her legs kicked out–spasming along with quivers in her chest and arms. Finally she slowed way down until is was just light little jerks. Then, nothing. She was still. He removed the cord–the redness where it had been was very evident. He looked her her dead face…her eyes staring blankly back through her glasses. She did not move, no reaction. he had killed many times before, but this one was special, very special. He ran his hands along her body, at one point, he picked up her foot, feeling it, putting it against his chin. He picks her up and carried her around the room a bit, then heads of to Grandma’s bedroom to spend the rest of his time with her.

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